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FAQs about Installing v3.0

What needs to be installed on my server to run Quikstore 3.0?
See the System Requirements article at

What is MySQL and how do I create a database for Quikstore 3.0?
MySQL is a very popular database engine installed on most web servers. Normally you will be provided with a control panel by your ISP to create and administer your MySQL databases. Consult you ISP for more information or help with this topic. To run the Quikstore install.php script you will need to have created a blank MySQL database and know the database name, its host address (normally "localhost" works), and the username and password to access it.

This sounds too complicated. Will you install it for me?
Yes, the price of the software now includes free installation on your web server. You will need to send us all the necessary information for FTP access to your website and MySQL database. We will install the Quikstore files to the directory of your choice and configure the basic settings. This service does not include any custom setup work, importing old product data or changing the default store template. If you wish us to do that, you will have to email us for a separate quotation.

After I've run the install.php script, what do I do next?
You should click on the link to your new Quikstore control panel and start configuring your store settings. You must do this before adding products or categories to your store. You will find the control panel at: If you have installed to a separate directory, add your_directory_name before the /cp.

How easy is it to upgrade my old Quikstore 2.12?
The process is very straightforward. If you run a modified or heavily customized version of 2.12 you will need to check that these customized features exist in v3.0 - many of them do, because we've added many of the custom features that have been requested over the years, and these are now standard in v3.0. You can install the new v3.0 scripts into the document root of your site or in a separate directory. The latter option is probably best if you are concerned about disrupting your existing site before you've had time to set up v3.0.

Need help with Quikstore 3.0 ?
Your first port of call is our Help Console. We are trying to rationalize the way we provide tech support to our users. As a new user of Quikstore v3.0 you are entitled to priority support and when you purchased your new v3.0 product you were allocated 5 Free Tech Support incident tickets on our help desk. To make sure your tech support questions are answered quickly please use the new support desk at: Login using the email address you used when you purchased your copy of Quikstore 3.0. Also, don't forget to check out the postings on our Forum.

Please read the documentation carefully, especially if you are not familiar with installing PHP/MySQL scripts. If you are installing Quikstore 3.0 on a UNIX/Linux type server, you must pay particular attention to the instructions regarding file permissions - or your Quikstore cart will not install or work properly. If you require technical help, after reading our help documents, please use the HelpDesk link at the top of this page.

Need help setting up
or customizing
Quikstore 3.0?

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QS HelpConsole

We are adding to this new knowledge resource on a daily
basis, so please bear with us if it doesn't cover your particular query yet.

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