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New XML Shipping Rate Calculator Plug-ins

Note: In this plug-in you can define parameters for multiple packages, ship from zip codes, and box types.

Check out the USPS XML Plug-in demo store!

The new Quikstore XML USPS shipping rate calculator plug-in allows you to define three levels of shipping:

  1. Single Packages

    These are packages that, no matter how many of the item is ordered, get put into one box for this specific cart line item.

  2. Multiple Packages

    These are packages that get shipped in their own box. If 3 of this item is ordered, then it will calculate the rate based on 3 boxes for this cart line item.

  3. Order Packages

    An "Order Package" is defined as any cart line item that is not defined as a single or multiple package. This is one box for all undefined items.

Once all packages are collected from the cart file, the plug-in sends a single request to the USPS server for ALL packages in the list and returns the appropriate rates.

For USPS you can define both domestic and international services:


  • Priority
  • Express
  • Parcel


  • Global Express Guaranteed Document Service
  • Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Service
  • Global Express Mail (EMS)
  • Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (large)
  • Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (small)
  • Global Priority Mail - Variable Weight Envelope (single)
  • Airmail Letter Post
  • Airmail Parcel Post
  • Economy (Surface) Letter Post
  • Economy (Surface) Parcel Post

Defining a Package

To define a "Package", you define specific parameters for EACH of your products:

Note: Any product that is not defined, simply becomes part of the "Order Package". However, you should still enter the weight of the item into the product weight field.

There are 5 parameters used to define a package:

  1. Weight (in pounds and ounces)
  2. Dimensions (10x12x14)
  3. Package Type (single or multiple)
  4. Box (USPS packaging types)
  5. Origin Zip Code (a zip code other than the default - drop shipping)

if any parameter above is left blank or set to "NONE", it will use the default value set in the ini file for that plug-in.

An example entry for the weight field would look like this:

10.2:12x14x20:S:04,USPS Pak:13905

Notice that each parameter is seperated by a colon ( : )

This information is entered into the "Weight" field for the product. For a database store, it would be entered into the "weight" field in the Catalog Wizard. In an HTML store, it would be entered into the weight field in the "item-" line for defining products in the HTML <FORM>. The is described in the Quikstore Help files under the HTML Store / Quikcode Wizard section.

Server Requirements

The XML plug-ins require you to have the following Perl Modules installed on the server:


NOTE: We DO NOT support the installation of the above modules. This is completely up to you and your web host to make sure these are installed and working properly.

NOTE: The plug-in requires you to register with USPS to get a user id and password. Instructions for registration is included in the setup files for the plug-in.



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