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Item: Hardware 
Image of Choosing the right CCTV hardware

Choosing the right CCTV hardware

Installing modern digital CCTV equipment is not rocket science. Any one capable of using common DIY tools can install their own low-voltage CCTV surveillance system quite quickly and cheaply. All of the components sold on this site at SimpleCCTV.co.uk can be installed by any competent DIYer. This guide is intended for those who need video security but can’t afford the installation services of a professional CCTV installer.

In this short guide we will just cover the most common CCTV equipment types, since it is virtually impossible to go into detail about all the different surveillance cameras and DVR equipment available on the market. We also assume anyone considering DIY installation of CCTV equipment has a basic knowledge and understanding of wiring techniques and safety practices. We cannot be held responsible or liable for damage to the equipment due to mishandling , misuse or bad installation pratice. When installing, always pay careful attention to safety instructions provided with your CCTV equipment or electrical components. Working at heights and using tools can be dangerous, so please follow all safety precautions. Only qualified electricians should install mains electrical equipment.

Planning your CCTV installation.
The first step in any camera installation is to plan camera and monitoring equipment locations. In the case of camera locations, take into consideration the light conditions. Never install cameras, in a room with low ambient light levels, pointing straight into the sun or an exposed light source, because this will cause excessive flare in the video image. Even if your camera has back light compensation it will not usually be sufficient to eradicate all traces of flare. Use infrared cameras for very dark conditions and/or B/W or Day/Night cameras with good sensitivity (with as low a LUX number as possible). Selecting the best possible camera locations is not easy but it does seriously affect how your system will perform, so it is better to get this aspect right from the start. If necessary, erect a trial camera and monitor the results in all light conditions before fixing it permanently.

Choice of Equipment.
SimpleCCTV.co.uk has a wide choice of camera types, DVRs and accessories for you to choose from. The range available can cope with practically every possible CCTV requirement, from a simple one or two-camera domestic situation, to a complex, professional installation involving hundreds of cameras and multiple local or remote monitoring and recording stations.

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