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Using QuikStore™ with Dreamweaver

While Dreamweaver is the recommended program for working with the QuikStore files, there is one issue. The files inside the cgi-bin must be uploaded in ASCII mode so that they work once the are on the remote server.

Fortunately, Dreamweaver, the great program that it is, has a way to correct this issue. Dreamweaver allows you to define which file types get uploaded in binary and which files get uploaded in ASCII mode. This is a great feature of Dreamweaver!

To define file extensions that get uploaded in ASCII mode, open the FTPExtensionMap.txt file in the Dreamweaver/Configuration folder (on the Mac, FTPExtensionMapMac.txt). You can modify the list of which file types are transferred in each format, as well as add your own file types. If a file extension is not defined in this file, Dreamweaver automatically transfers the file in binary mode.

QuikStore file types and their associated FTP mode to add to the list:


Note: On the Macintosh, the FTPExtensionMapMac.txt file also contains information about mapping file extensions to Macintosh creators and file types. This mapping allows a downloaded file to be given the correct icon and to be opened by the correct application when you double-click the file in the Finder.

Note: You should always use the built-in Installation Wizard in QuikStore the first time the files are sent to the server so the directory/file permissions get set correctly. Once you do this, you can use Dreamweaver to create/edit the entire site.

The QuikCode Wizard has also been designed to work with Dreamweaver. When the "Use With MS FrontPage" checkbox on the QuikCode Wizard main form is NOT checked, it will save your product code <form> to the clipboard. To paste this code, put your cursor on the page where you want to insert the code and then hit CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste the code in the WYSIWYG view. Please see the QuikCode Wizard section of the help files for more details on how this works...

In summary, Dreamweaver is flexible enough to allow it to work well with CGI programs. Just edit the FTPExtensionMap.txt file as described above and start building the site.

Note: We recommend that you define a Dreamweaver site right inside the c:\quikstore\server_files directory. This way all of the other built-in QuikStore Wizards will still be able to work with the necessary files.

Note: You can also use a Dreamweaver template for the cart pages. All of the cart pages have been designed to allow you to apply a template to them. Any javascript or stylesheet links are inside the <body> tags of the cart pages so they are retained when a template is applied.

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