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Preferred Payment Gateways

iSoft-Solutions, inc. is pleased to be able to offer you the Ezic Payment Gateway. This partnership enables us to provide our QuikStore™ customers with the best possible payment gateway solution on the Internet today.

In our opinion, Ezic offers the most innovative payment gateway solution for their customers. While most other providers still use first-generation technology, Ezic offers you next generation, high performance technology that's required to support your online payment processing requirements!

Next Generation, High Performance Technology

  • Scalable and Flexible Innovation
  • 99.999% Reliability
  • *Universal Compatibility
  • * The Ezic Payment Gateway can accept variables from other processors such as Authorizenet and LinkPoint. If you are currently using another processor, and would like to switch, No Problem... No need to change your merchant account, just the payment gateway. See our Special Offer below.

    360° of Security

    Fraud Barricade™

    Ezic's Fraud Barricade™ aggressively fights all types of fraudulent attempts made at the time of purchase including identity fraud, order integrity fraud, and unauthorized use of financial accounts.

  • Identity Authentication
  • Order Integrity
  • Velocity Controls

  • Close call a reminder of the importance of Ezic’s 360 Degrees of Security

    Uncompromising Access Security

    Protection from unauthorized users and management controls for authorized users, is included in Ezic's 360 degrees of security.

  • Triple Credential Authentication
  • Internal Permission Controls
  • Audit Trail
  • High Volume Merchant Management Solutions

    With Ezic's Chargeback Lookout, merchants no longer need to wait for monthly bank statements to review or to reverse chargebacks. Chargeback Lookout provides merchants with 24/7 access to their current chargeback information.

  • Chargeback Lookout™
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Customer Relationship Management Tools
  • Flexible Payment Processing Solutions

  • Advanced Rebilling/Subscription
  • Advanced Batch Processing
  • Alternative Payment Methods
  • Global Auth™
  • Plus off-shore processors in Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific,
    South America, and the Caribbean

  • Sign up for the Ezic Payment Gateway -or- a Fast Transact Merchant account and receive the Ezic Plug-in FREE!   A $49.95 Value!

    Contact Us for more details

    Other Supported Payment Gateways

    ** This plug-in requires the LWP and Crypt::SSLeay Perl Modules to be installed. These are not included with the plug-in. So, check with your hosting provider to be sure they are installed before purchasing this plug-in.

    For a complete list of compatible payment gateways, please see our products page.


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