Help Version: 2.12
Last Update: 03/05/01

Entering Product Data in QuikCode

Product Definition

The quantity input box defines "what" is being added to the users shopping cart. If you look at the name on the input tag below, the information is broken up into fields separated by the pipe ( | ) character.

Qty: <input type="text" size="3" name="item-101|5.95|Widget|small|10">

These fields are:

  1. Product ID Number ( 101 )
  2. Price ( 5.95 )
  3. Product Name ( Widget )
  4. Size ( small )
  5. Weight ( 10 ) lbs.

The Products Data Entry Form is used to define your products:

  1. The Product ID can be anything you want as long as it is numeric or alphanumeric.
  2. The price without the currency symbol. That is added later by the quikstore scripts. The symbol and also the placement of the symbol is defined in the qs_lang.cgi configuration file.
  3. The weight could be pounds or ounces as long as you keep this consistent throughout all products. This field could be used to determine shipping calculations and should remain constant for all products.
  4. This input box style may also be a checkbox, radio button, or select box (pull down). You may select this from the available QuikCode input box styles.

    If you use a Radio button or checkbox you must also tell it what the default value is when it is selected by the user. It is set to 1 by default.

    The Pull down box style allows you to enter the number of available numbers to select from. Just enter the starting number and the ending number and the QuikCode Wizard will automatically create the pull down for you. If you have more than one item in a form, the first value MUST always be zero.

    Note: You must tab or click out of the input type box before either the "Default Value" or the "Drop Down" Value box will become available

  5. There are 2 checkboxes in the middle of this form.
    1. Use With MS FrontPage.

      When this is checked, it will automatically insert your product code into the WYSIWYG view in the FrontPage editor. People who do not use FrontPage can turn this off and it will copy the code to the windows clipboard. Just type CTRL+V to paste it into the HTML view of the page you are editing.

    2. Minimize QuikCode Window After Code Is Copied

      When this is checked, it will automatically minimize the QuikCode Wizard onto the task bar so you may continue to edit your page. Just select it from the task bar when you are ready to enter another product.

  6. The Add Button Text allows you to define the label that is used on the Add To Cart button.
  7. The Script URL button allows you to set where the information is getting posted to. This should be the URL to the quikstore.cgi script on your server. An example of this would be: 

    You MUST set this URL prior to inserting code into your pages or you will need to go back and reset it when you actually upload the pages to your site.

  8. When FrontPage is not being used, Insert Product Code button at the bottom of the form will say "Copy To Clipboard". Clicking on this button will copy the <form> code to the windows clipboard and then you can simply paste it into your raw HTML code.

    If the "Use With MS FrontPage" checkbox is selected, the button will say "Insert Product Code".  Clicking on this button will insert your code directly into the page in the WYSIWYG view where your cursor is located. You must have a page to be edited open in the FrontPage Editor and it must be in the "normal" mode for this to work properly.
  9. And finally, the Options button allows you to define product options for the current product shown on the main form.


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