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Entering Option Data

Adding Options:

  1. You MUST Create your Product Quantity input box on your page first.
  2. If you are using FrontPage, position the cursor on your page inside the form for the product ID code. This is where you want the option code to be inserted. All option code MUST be within the related product ID form on your page.

This is where the code will get inserted into your page when you select the insert code button on the Options Form.

Important: Make sure your cursor is in the <FORM> where you defined your product quantity input box so that the option will be applied to the correct product. See number 3 below.

  1. Properly inserting the option code on your pages using FrontPage:

    This is the incorrect way to insert the product form code:

    Widget $9.95

    form2.gif (2091 bytes)

    Notice how the Select Color option box above is NOT inside the dotted lines (the form). If the code is inserted this way, the option would not be applied to the product.

This is the correct way:

You MUST click inside the dotted lines before inserting the code to the page.

Widget $9.95

form1.gif (2157 bytes)

Notice how the Select Color option box above is inside the dotted lines (the form). If the code is inserted this way, the option will now be applied to the product correctly.

  1. Properly inserting the option code on your pages using the Windows Clipboard:

<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="/cgi-bin/quikstore.cgi">

    <P><SELECT NAME="OPTION|1|101">
    <option value="invalid|Color">Select Color</option>
    <option value="Blue|0.00|1">Blue</option>
    <option value="Purple|1.00|1">Purple - Add $1.00</option>

   <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="item-101|129.95|Widget|36 ft|200" size="3">
   <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="store_type" VALUE="html">
   <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="page" VALUE="products.html">
   <INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="add_to_cart" VALUE="Add to Cart">

Notice that the option code is inserted just above the product id input tag.

We have two options: a purple widget, and a blue widget.  Notice that the purple widget has an additional cost of $1.00. If selected, this price will be added to the base price of the product when the item gets added to the cart.

Note:  If you want the options box to be on its' own line, you have to manually insert the <P> and </P> tags as shown above.

  1. Checking/Modifying the URL to The QuikStore Script:

    To test for the proper Script URL, right click inside the form (dotted lines) and select "Form Properties". In FrontPage 98, the following window will come up:

    formproperties.gif (8401 bytes)

    To check the Script URL, select the "Options" button as shown above.

    scripturl.gif (5745 bytes)

    Just enter the full path to your script on the server...

    Also, to make sure the hidden fields for page name and store type are correct, select the Advanced button from the Form Properties menu above. This will bring up the following box:

    hiddenfields.gif (6550 bytes)

    This box displays the hidden fields and they can be modified from here. The Page Value is the name of the current page you are editing. The Store Type value is "html".

    That's it... If the above things are set correctly, the selected form on that page will work correctly with the QuikStore system.

  1. Select the Options button on the main form

    To add options to your products, select the "Options" button on the main form.

    This will pop up the Create Product Option Form.

  2. Enter the option number

    You can have many options for each product. Each option has its own option number. You might have an option for color (option 1) and an option for size (option 2) for example.

  3. Enter the name of the option

    Each option also has its own option name. Option 1 might be Color for example.

  4. Select the Option Type

    You can display options in 3 different ways:

    1. a Pull Down Box with several entries the user may select from
    2. a series of Radio Buttons the user may select from
    3. a series of Checkboxes the user may select from.

    Be careful with checkboxes. Checkboxes allow the user to select more than one item for this option number. This could cause problems adding up the correct prices. We suggest using checkboxes when there is only one single option to be selected.

  5. Select the "Add Option" button

    The Add Option button allows you to define the option details to be added to the list. See below for more detail on this.

  6. Select the "Insert Option Code" button

When you are done adding option details to the list, select the "Insert Option Code" button and it will insert the new options for this product. If you are not using FrontPage, the button will be named copy to clipboard.   

  1. Remove Items button.

You can remove items from the list by selecting the Remove Items button.

  1. Clear All button.

You can also clear out all of the items in the list by selecting the Clear All button.


Option Details

To add details about an option, select the "Add Option" button.

This will bring up the following window:

There are two main areas to this form:

  1. The Option Definition

    The Option Definition is where you provide the details about a specific option.

    1. The Value is the value that the user selects for this specific option number.
    2. The Price is the amount that is applied, on top of the base price, when the user selects this value.
    3. The Weight is the amount of weight that is added to the product by selecting this option. This is especially helpful if you are defining your shipping based on weight and the product weight will change if the user selects this value for an option. (optional)
    4. The Label is the label that is displayed to the user in the pull down box.
  2. The Option Configuration
    1. Set Option Label Automatically creates the Option Label for you as you enter the definition.
    2. The Currency Symbol is so you can set the proper symbol for your country.
    3. The Currency Symbol Placement
    4. Use Default Add text enters the Add Text into the label for you automatically
    5. Add Text is the text displayed in the label
    6. The First Option Text is used for pull down style options. It is the first entry and has no value so if the user does not want any options, the first option will not be applied to the product.
    7. Using the Save button adds the option value to the list.
    8. Using the Done button closes the Add Options window.

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