Help Version: 2.12
Last Update: 02/26/01

Store Type Overview

There are three different types of stores that you can create with QuikStore.

HTML Store

An HTML store uses simple html web pages with "add to cart" to allow your shoppers to add items to their cart. With this type of system, you create the navigation between the pages for the end user. 

This type of store would be used primarily for:

  • existing web sites
  • small web sites with 50 items or less
  • highly graphical sites

This type of design is quite easy to implement and also allows you to have the most freedom in the design and layout of the pages on your site. 

Database Driven Store

A Database store uses a simple text flat file database in conjunction with special Quikstore template pages to display products "on-the-fly" to the end user. This type of store allows the end user to search for specific products and also provides navigation during product display. The search.html template page, located in your document root, is used to search a database type store. The benefits to using the type of store are:

  • Searching Capabilities
  • Quick and easy updates to your products
  • Simple navigation between products
  • Allows you to have thousands of products without having separate web pages for each group of items.
  • Allows you to use Inventory Control

A Combination of both

You can also combine store types. Simply use a database store to display the bulk of your products and then create a few html pages to display only specific items. A good example of this might be a "Specials" page. The program will automatically adjust for the store type depending on the form code used in the html product pages.


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