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Product Image / Links / User Defined Fields

This is where you may add a link, images, and up to four user defined fields to the current product on the detail screen.

Image / Links / User Defined Fields Screen

User Defined Fields:
If you would like to have any extra fields for your product, just use the user fields provided. NOTE: If you would like to change the labels to the user fields on the form, just click the label; an input box will allow you to edit the label name.

Related Products:
You may assign one of the User Defined fields to a Related Product listing. In the configuration editor, config file tab, locate RELATED_PRODUCTS. Set show_related_products to yes to use this feature. By default, USER_1 is used, but you may use any user defined field. All you need is a comma delimited list of the id numbers (Ex: 100,101,102). It will display the name of the individual products and create a link to each one. Be sure to uncomment the user field that will be used on the database_product_page.html template.

Each product may have a link page. If you enter the full URL, ie: can link to pages outside of your document root directory on the server.

If you select the Get Link Page button, it will allow you to retrieve a page from your local machine. It will then save a copy of this page in your document root: c:\quikstore\server_files directory.

Link Page:
The link page may contain more information about a specific product. When you select a local link page, using the 'Get Link Page' button, a copy of the link page gets put into the store's folder. If you enter a URL as the link page, a link to the URL is added to the product. 

NOTE: If the link page has any graphics, they need to be manually copied to the store's graphics folder (c:\quikstore\server_files\graphics). You may also need to set the paths corresponding to the new page. By default, this would be /graphics or

Link Label:
The link label is the text to be displayed as a link on the product page.

Thumbnail Image:
This is a small version of the image you would like to display.

Full Size Image:
This is the full size version of the image you would like to display.

Note:  When you select a full size image or a thumbnail image, a copy of the image is added to the store graphics folder. If you add an image with the same name as an existing image the new image will overwrite the old image. When you remove an image, the image is not automatically removed from the store graphics folder because it may be used for another product. You will have to delete the file manually.

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