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Last Update: 03/13/01

Product Specfic Sales Tax

Simply put, product specific sales tax allows you to designate the sales tax rate for individual products. For example, clothing may be taxed at a 4%(.04) rate while other items in your store may be taxed at a different rate altogether. The settings described below allow you to do this.

To enable product specific tax rates, simply set the use_item_specific_tax variable highlighted below to yes. Just click on that line in the window and it will allow you to change the value.

Sales Tax Screen

You now you have three choices for how these calculations are to be performed:

If you set the rate to:

  • 0 - no tax will be applied to that item
  • .06 - A 6% tax will be applied to that item ONLY
  • blank - uses default tax rate from your setup

NOTE:The rates MUST be entered in decimal values like .06

This allows you to set individual items to non-taxable (zero), only certain items to a lower tax rate (.04) and also use the default tax rate (when the field is left blank) for all other items at the same time. The default tax rate is the one in the sales_tax_value entry above.

The tax rate gets entered into the WEIGHT or SIZE field for the product. In a database store, you simply put the rate into the weight or size field in the Catalog Wizard. For HTML stores, you again add it to the weight or size field in the item-id line like this:

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="item-101|10.95|Widget|small|.05" size="3">

The cart_index_of_sales_tax_rate designates the CART field you will be using to enter the tax rate. (04 is the size field.) Select the [CART_FIELD_NUMBERS] section from above to see the list of CART FIELDS that are available to enter here.

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