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Last Update: 04/08/03

Entering Options

This is where you add/edit options for the selected product.

Option Number:
This field sets the number for the specified option. 

NOTE: Once this number is set it cannot be changed.

Option Name:
This field sets the name of the option.

   Example: Color

Option Required:
If this field is checked, the user will not be able to buy the corresponding product unless one of the options has been selected.

Option Format:
This field specifies how the option will be displayed on the product page.

NEW: You may select "Text Input Box" as the option format. If you do, the option detail should have the following values:

   Option Value: NA
   Option Price: 0
   Option Weight: 0
   Option Text to Display: NA

NOTE: If you select "Text Box" as the option format when adding a new option record, the wizard will automatically add the necessary option detail record when you click the save button.

Option Detail:
This grid allows you to add option details to the selected option.

Option Value:
This column contains the name of each option detail.

   Examples: Red, Green, Blue

Option Price:
This column contains the price to be added to the product price when the specified option is selected by the user. NOTE: If you don't want any price to be added to the product's price, just enter a '0' in this field.

Option Weight:
This column contains the total weight, in pounds, of the product with this option. The Option Weight resets the total weight of the product when this specific option is selected by the user.

NOTE: If the product is the same weight with this option as it is without it, just enter a '0' in this field.

Option Text to Display:
This column contains the text to be displayed, on the product page, for each option detail.

If you would like to copy an option with option details to another option you must first select the product whose option(s) you would like to copy. If you would only like to copy the current option, select "No" from the message box that appears when you click "Copy"; if you would like to copy all of the options for the current product, select "Yes".

Once you have copied a product's option(s), you can move to another product and click the "Paste" button to paste the copied option(s) into the new product.

If you delete an option all of the option's details will be deleted also.

Deleting Option Details:
If you would like to delete an option detail, just click the first column of the option detail to be deleted, then click the arrow next to it to select the entire row, then press the 'Delete' key.

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