Help Version: 2.12
Last Update: 03/13/01

Product Specific Shipping Rates

Product specific shipping rates allows you to set shipping values by product. To do this, the "weight" field is used to set the rate and also a "rate type". The rate is a dollar value like 4.95, and the "rate type" can either be "each" or "fixed".

If "each" is used, the shipping cost will be multiplied by the quantity. If fixed, the shipping rate will be one fixed price regardless of the quantity.

An example "each" entry in the weight field would be: 2.95,e

This says to use 2.95 multiplied by the quantity for the shipping rate.

An example "fixed" entry in the weight field would be: 2.95,f

This says to use a 2.95 shipping rate regardless of how many there are.

NOTE: If you decide to use product specific shipping you will have to use it for all of your products. You cannot have product specific shipping for some products and regular shipping for the rest. QuikStore will automatically replace the shipping method, on the shipping.html page, with the product specific shipping calculations and the "standard_shipping_label" string from the qs_lang.cgi file when the page is displayed.

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