Help Version: 2.12
Last Update: 02/21/01

Product Details

This is where you enter the product information for your catalog. There are 3 main screens for entering product data. 

  1. Product Details
  2. Images/Links/User Defined Fields
  3. Options

The product details screen is shown below.

Product Detail Screen

Each product must belong to a category. The category must also exist in the database before you can add a product to it.

Advanced Pricing:
If you would like your product to have quantity based pricing then click this button. Advanced Pricing

If you delete a product all options that are related to that product will be deleted also.

The Tree:
This displays all of categories and products as they are related in the database. If you click a product in the tree, the product's information will be displayed in the entry fields. If you double-click on a category, the category screen will be will be shown with the selected category as the current category.

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