Help Version: 2.12
Last Update: 04/07/03

Advanced Discount Logic

Free Shipping: Method 1
The quikstore program allows free shipping to be calculated automatically for all customers based on total order. To use this feature, open the qs_main.cgi file located inside the server_files/cgi-bin folder using a text editor.

The following section has been added to the qs_lang.cgi file so that you can configure the free shipping settings.

# What is the required minimum subtotal when the
# shipping is free?
# What is the text displayed to the end user?
free_shipping_text=UPS Ground
# What is the free shipping rate (usually FREE)

By default, this feature is turned off. To implement it, set allow_free_shipping to yes, set minimum order subtotal necessary to qualify for free shipping, as well as a name for the shipping method (used to display on the shipping, checkout and receipt pages). This option will automatically override shipping plugins such as UPS and direct qualifying customers to the default shipping page.

Free Shipping: Method 2
Using the discount logic wizard, a coupon code may be entered with applied discount set to free_shipping. This method allows store owners to set minimum purchase requirements and control distribution of free shipping offers.

One Time Use Coupons (version 2.12.101 or higher)
Quikstore now allows coupons to be deleted immediately after an order is placed. This system allows you to distribute one-time use coupons (an excellent resource for offering store credits).

Open the Basic Configuration tool and locate MISC_PARAMETERS under the Config file tab. Set remove coupons when used.
NOTE: This setting applies for ALL coupons


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