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Adding Discount Logic

The Add Discount Logic input box is where you place the values that define your discount logic.  You define discount logic one line at a time and this same input box is used for editing existing discount logic statements.  When editing, the current values for the selected statement appear in their respective input box.

Here are the input lines for the Add New Logic input box:

  1. Logic Number:

    This value is used by the QuikStore program to "define" each discount logic statement.  Each new statement will be automatically assigned the next consecutive logic value number. There is no need to change this number.

  2. Coupon:

    This is the input line where you enter the "Coupon Value" that the current logic statement you are creating/editing will compare against the value entered by the customer on the QuikStore shipping page. The standard form field name is 'coupon'.

    Not all discount logic schemes require a Coupon Value, so this field many times will be left blank.  Also, it is typical for there to be many logic statements with the same Coupon Value.  If any discount logic statement has a Coupon Value input, then all must have a Coupon Value input.  Here are a few examples:


    NOTE: the use of special characters is strongly discouraged.

  3. Subtotal Range:

    This is the input area where you enter the currency amount range for determining shipping .  These must be numeric values separated by a hyphen ( - ).  You could use fixed amounts, but that doesn't offer much flexibility. Ranges will work much better and also reduce the overall number of entries in your logic statements. Here is an example:


    The first range is 0.00 to 10.00, the second is 10.01 to 20.00, the third is 20.01 to 30.00 and the last is 30.01 dollars or more.  So a value followed by a hyphen leaves the range open ended.  

    NOTE: You must use a decimal point for inputting these numeric values.

  4. Quantity Range:

    This is the input area where you enter the quantity range or value for determining shipping .  These must be numeric integer values, separated by a hyphen ( - ).  Here you can use a specific numeric value, but remember to have logic statements with values which take into account all possible numeric order sizes.  Here are several examples:

    Example 1:

    Example 2:

  5. Measured Value:

    This is the input area where you can enter a weight range for determining discount .  These must be numeric values separated by a hyphen ( - ).  Again, you could use specific amounts, but that doesn't give you the flexibility that a range can offer.

  6. BLANK:

    This is just a placeholder for the screen, nothing is ever entered into this field.

  7. Discount Amount:

    This is the discount amount to be applied when the logic statement is true.

    This value can be a fixed amount or you can input a percentage.  This will set the discount amount to be that percentage of the customer's order subtotal.  

    Here are several examples of valid entries:


* Special Characters - do not use special characters in the above noted text input fields. Special characters are like these: ! # % ^ & * / \ | ' < > ". Although many of these may work just fine, certain web servers are sensitive to the use of these characters and read them as programming symbols even though they were entered in text input fields. Problems with special characters most often appear as "zero" discount values being returned, even though there was an otherwise valid discount logic statement for the customer order field being compared against.

** All values for currency must be inputted as X.XX or X.XXX.  In other words, you must use a decimal point (period) for all entries.  For users who's currency is displayed using a comma or other character, this will be correctly done by the QuikStore program and the language configuration file.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to allow the input of numeric values into the shipping logic tables any other way.  Also, do not enter a currency symbol here. The logic statement will not work if a currency symbol has been inserted by mistake.

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