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Last Update: 04/06/03

Shipping Logic Main Menu

The Logic Wizard displays the logic statements you have defined so far or the shipping logic example you have picked to use as a base for defining your shipping logic.  

Here are the functions presented here:

  1. Add New Logic:

    Clicking the 'Add New Logic' button will bring up the 'Add Logic' input window.  This window has seven input entry lines for defining the shipping logic that will be used by your QuikStore installation.  These are as follows:

    • Logic Number
    • Form Value
    • Subtotal Range
    • Quantity Range
    • Measured Value
    • Handling Charge
    • Shipping Price

    Not all these fields will be filled with entries, but just the ones which apply for your shipping requirements.

  2. Remove Items From Logic:

    Use this button to remove selected logic statements.  By highlighting the logic statement you want to delete in the list, you can now click 'Remove Item From Logic' to remove any logic line which is no longer needed.

  3. Edit Selected Logic Item:

    Use this button to edit selected logic statements.  By highlighting the logic statement you want to edit in the list, you can now click 'Edit Selected Logic Item' to edit any logic line which you want to modify.

  4. Save Logic to Separate File

    Using this option will create a Shipping file named shipping_logic.cgi inside the cgi-bin/log_files directory. This option is recommended for stores which contain a large number of shipping calculations in order to reduce the load time of the qs_main while customers are browsing product pages. This file is then loaded as necessary at checkout.

  5. Update Shipping Files:

    Use this button to update the shipping configuration files and the shipping template page.

** UPS Plug-in: When using the UPS Plug-in for QuikStore, it assumes you are using standard English pounds (lbs.) as the unit of weight in the above field. The UPS calculator rounds to the next highest lbs. when making the shipping amount calculation.


February 27, 2002

Any versions of the UPS Plug-in built after this date, have the ability to add country-based shipping logic in addition to the rates returned from UPS. In this case, if UPS is turned on, the country-based shipping logic will be loaded into this screen instead of the normal shipping logic. If you would like to use these rates, you must open the "ups.ini" file (located in "C:\QuikStore\server_files\cgi-bin\plug-ins", by default), in a text-only editor such as NotePad, and set "display_usps_shipping_logic" to "yes".

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