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Last Update: 03/15/01

Shipping Logic Overview

The Shipping Logic Wizard will help you to define the way you charge to ship packages from your website. There are several ways you can setup the logic. We will go over the 4 basic examples here. There is also a set of "examples" on the menu of the Logic Wizard that you can load and review.

Shipping is usually based on:

  1. the subtotal price

  2. the total quantity

  3. a measured value (usually weight)

  4. form field values

You can also use combinations of the above to create very complex shipping options. However, we strongly suggest keeping this to a minimum so that it will be easy for your shoppers to select how to ship the products.

Once the logic is created, the quikstore program will calculate the shipping costs based on this logic before it displays the shipping page. When the shipping page is displayed, the program will display only valid shipping entries to the user. This way they know the exact amount for the order when they are making their Shipping Method selection.

The Shipping Logic Wizard also has a set of examples you can load to see how a particular example was done. This can help you to determine which method will work the best for you. See the "examples" menu on the main form of the Logic Wizard for more details.

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