Help Version: 2.12
Last Update: 03/13/01

Sorting The Database Display

You can change the sort order of the results of a search by simply changing the database sorting variable that is set in the main configuration file.

To do this, open the Configuration Editor (Step Two on the Main Menu) and then select the "Config File" tab as shown below. Then select the DATABASE_NAME section. The variables listed in this section allow you to modify the result sort feature.

NOTE: This feature does not sort the actual database file only the order of results displayed to the user.

sort database

The options are:

  • database_name - The name of the products database on your server. You should leave this setting as default.

  • sort_database - The available options are yes or no

  • db_sort_field_number - The cart field to sort on i.e., 0 (zero) would be sorting the ID field. (Field numbers are zero based)

    Here's a list of the available fields to sort on:

    • product_id=00
    • product_category=01
    • product_price=02
    • product_name=03
    • product_description=04
    • product_image_fullsize=05
    • product_image_thumbnail=06
    • product_size=07
    • product_weight=08
    • product_page_link=09
    • product_link_label=10
    • user_1=11
    • user_2=12
    • user_3=13
    • user_4=14
    • product_options=15

  • db_sort_type - choices are alpha to sort on letters/words, or, numeric to sort on numbers.

    Set the type to "numeric" if the db_sort_field_number ONLY contains numbers, and to "alpha" if the field contains strictly alpha -or- alpha-numeric characters.

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