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Last Update: 04/01/03

Multiple Stores on a Single Domain.

Quikstore supports the implementation of multiple stores run from one domain using the same quikstore.cgi file. Multiple store setups are ideal for users who have very large product databases and would like to separate the databases by category.

To create additional stores, select a store name. We'll call our second store "apples".

  1. Copy the qs_main.cgi and name it apples.cgi
  2. Copy the qs_lang.cgi and name it apples_language.cgi
  3. Create a second database directory and products.dat

Once you have followed these steps, you can customize your product database (the easiest way to maintain separate databases is to use the Quikstore Online Catalog Builder and create a separate administration for each database). Edit the apples.cgi to use the appropriate database. Additional stores will share a single shopping cart (customers will be able to shop from multiple stores adding to the same cart), but may be configured to use separate templates.

NOTE: When customers continue to the shopping cart, they will use the shipping configuration specified in the last store they visit.

To access the additional stores, simply create links with the additional parameters. Our store would be accessed from quikstore.cgi?store=applies.

For more information regarding link parameters, see Creating Links

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