Help Version: 2.12
Last Update: 08/01/2001

Understanding How Dual Emails Work:

The default email setting 'as shipped' is that the customer will receive an email that contains both a text-only and HTML version of the order confirmation email. When the customer receives the email, their email program will decide which version of the email to display. If it only allows text emails, the text version of customer_email will be displayed. Otherwise it will display the HTML version.

If you want to continue to use this feature, make sure that you have both the 'txt' and 'html' versions of the email template in your templates folder (under the cgi-bin). Then make sure that you set "customer_email_template" to the HTML template(customer_email.html).

If you only want to use the HTML version, make sure that the text email template is removed from the templates folder.

If you only want to use the text version, set "customer_email_template" to the text template (customer_email.txt).

NOTE: You can set "customer_email_template" by opening the Configuration Editor (Step 2 of the Main Menu). Select the "Config File" tab, then select "TEMPLATE_PAGE_NAMES" from the drop-down box. Finally, select "customer_email_template" from the list.

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