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Last Update: 04/03/03

QuikStore Shopping Cart Software Installation Checklist:

Here are the things you will need to have to install the QuikStore Shopping Cart program to your web server:

Installing The QuikStore Program To Your Server You must have access from your computer to the internet.  Usually this is accomplished by getting an "ISP" (Internet Service Provider) which you can dial into with your modem and which will connect your computer with the Internet. 

Installing The QuikStore Program To Your Server  You must have access to a web server that is connected to the internet on a 24 hour basis.  They should have provided you with the following information at the time of your account creation:

  • Your Web Site's Domain Name or IP Address

  • Your Web Site's User ID/ Password

  • Your Web Site's E-mail Account Address

  • The operating system the Server is using

HostName / IP Address

Your Domain name is the "Friendly" name of your site.  As an example, we will use the hostname  This is linked to the IP Address number that follows it by way of a "Domain Name Server"--A process which translates the "friendly" name that we humans like to use into a number form that a computer will understand.  So, if I wanted to connect to our site using a Web Browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, I could type in either the host name or the IP address.

Either of these will take me to the same place, as they are the same thing.  (Please do not try these links.  They are provided only for instructional purposes.)

UserName / Password

Your username and password are used to identify you to the server. Both the username and password are usually CASE SENSITIVE.

Username: storedemo

Password: **********

E-Mail Address

Your E-mail address is the place where people can send e-mail to you.  This will come into use later when we do the configuration portion of the setup. It usually takes the form of your

NOTE: For NT Servers you will also need the mail server "name". This is usually setup as:  but, your hosting company may use something different. You need to check with them if you are unsure.

Operating System

The Server Operating System will either be "UNIX", or "Windows NT".  But you should know which one your host is using for your site.

Text Only Editor

Installing The QuikStore Program To Your Server A "Text Only" editor, such as Windows Notepad, is highly recommended should you need to manually edit any of the configuration files. If these files are edited incorrectly, it could cause the Quikstore program to not operate properly.

NOTE: Should you have to edit the quikstore.cgi file, Notepad will not allow you to edit a file this big. We recommend that you get "NoteTab Pro". In our opinion, this is a great text only editor and will allow you to edit very large text files. 

Once you have all of this information together proceed to the Main Menu.


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