Help Version: 2.12
Last Update: 04/01/03

Multiple Installations of Quikstore on a Single Machine.

If you plan to use QuikStore to build multiple stores, the easiest way to do this is to name your installation directory:


You would then create a sub-directory in the "stores" directory for EACH customer. You then perform an install into the sub-directory for that specific web site. This way the program will be editing the proper set of files for that given web site. When the "Web Update" is run, it will look for multiple installs and ask you which ones you want to update.

It is also possible to give each installation its own unique "Program Folder" name in order to give each store its own Main Menu startup links.

If you have multiple stores and are comfortable editing the QuikStore files manually, you may also copy the contents of C:\QuikStore\server_files to another folder and manually edit the configuration files. Quikstore files will NOT be automatically updated with this method and will need to be manually copied from the server_files folder as necessary.


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