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Last Update: 04/03/03

Using the Header and Footer Files in the QuikStore Templates

Quikstore uses a header file and a footer file in its template pages to allow you to add header and footer information to all of the pages at one time by adding it to the respective file. The header and footer files are located in the templates folder under the cgi-bin (Ex: C:\QuikStore\server_files\cgi-bin\templates).

The line needed to include the header file in a template page looks like:

<!--#include virtual="header.html" -->

The line needed to include the footer file in a template page looks like:

<!--#include virtual="footer.html" -->

When a page with these lines loads, the lines will automatically be replaced by the information in the corresponding file.

The header file, header.html, contains a link to "logo.jpg". This is the store logo file. You should change this small logo file to your store logo so it will display instead of the quikstore logo. Simply save a small version of your logo with the name "logo.jpg" and put it in your graphics directory. The header file also contains various navigational links: Home Page, Search Page, View Cart, and Checkout. These links make it easier for your customers to browse your site.

The footer file, footer.html, contains the same navigational links (Home Page, Search Page, View Cart, and Checkout) as the header page. It also has a section where you can enter copyright information.

Use of includes on template pages is not limited to header and footer files. You may create as many includes as necessary using the same methods above.

Header and Footer files will NOT work on standard html pages that are not part of the Quikstore program.

NOTE: Unlike the other Quikstore template files, header and footer files are not complete html pages and should not include <HTML> <TITLE> <HEAD> or <BODY> tags.

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