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Last Update: 04/02/03

Order Pages

The 'C:\QuikStore\server_files\cgi-bin\templates' folder contains a shipping information template, two order form templates, and a receipt page template.

Shipping Page

This shipping.html page is where the user selects the type of shipping method they would like to use and also enter their state abbreviation if they live in the US. The state abbreviation entered here is used to calculate sales taxes for that given state.

Only the applicable shipping methods will be displayed when the logic is based on qty, order subtotal, or weight. The <!--SHIPPING_SELECT--> comment tag in this page is automatically replaced with the select box at runtime. Only the applicable values will be available to the user. 

NOTE: If no "Shipping Methods", such as Standard Postal Service, Priority Mail, etc. are entered into your shipping logic, the shipping method label displayed to the user in the select box will be the words that are defined in the strings configuration file under:

standard_shipping_label=Standard Shipping

Should you choose to provide a "Coupon" type discount, this page is also where the user would enter the coupon number or code. If you define a discount using the Discount Logic Wizard, the program will automatically add this text input box to your shipping.html page.

This page also has a "Pay Type" select box on it that defines the name of the order form page to be displayed. This way you can have as many different types of order forms as you would like. Just add it to the list of option values in the pay_type form field and then copy and modify one of the order forms below. Just make sure to name it what you entered in the pay_type option field.

<SELECT NAME="pay_type">
<OPTION VALUE="credit_card.html">Credit Card</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE="check.html">Online Check</OPTION>

NOTE: If you are using a credit card plug-in, the credit_card.html and check.html names are used by the plug-in. If you would like to add a static "check" page, just name it something other than "check.html". "cheque.html" would work fine. This will turn off the credit card plug-in and use the static cheque.html page as the payment type.


Multiple Credit Card Processors (plug-ins)

In 2.12.71 and above, you can use "processor" instead of "pay_type" on the shipping page to use multiple processors. You can also have multiple processors AND static pay_type(s).

So, instead of:

<SELECT NAME="pay_type">
<OPTION VALUE="credit_card.html">Credit Card</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE="check.html">Check</OPTION>

You can use:

<SELECT NAME="processor">
<OPTION VALUE="authorizenet">Credit Card</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE="paypal">PayPal</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE="mail_check.html">Mail Check</OPTION>

This will allow you to use mutiple credit card plug-ins AND static payment types.

Order Forms

These pages allow the user to enter their personal and payment information.

There is one order form for checks, check.html, and one order form for credit cards, credit_card.html.  Which one of the pages that is displayed is determined by the "pay_type" that was selected on the shipping.html page as described above.

Both order form pages also contain a discount section which is commented out by default.  The information between the '<!--DISCOUNT STARTS HERE' and 'DISCOUNT ENDS HERE-->' lines is displayed or commented out depending on whether you have entered coupon discount logic in 'Step Four' on the Quikstore 'Main Menu'.

NOTE: JavaScript is used on these pages to check for things like required fields, valid credit card numbers, etc.  So, if you edit the form fields in these pages, you may have to edit some of the JavaScript to match.

NOTE: If you are using a credit card plug-in, the default order pages will be replaced by the order form pages that come with the specific plug-in.

Additional Order Forms/Payment Types

Quikstore offers many payment plugins which allow additional payment options such as Paypal, but additional payment types and associated forms may also be created as needed.

To create an additional order form, it is easiest to use one of the existing forms as a starting point. Make a copy of either the credit_card.html or check.html located in the templates folder and rename it. In our case, we'll create an option to pay via store account and name our template account.html.

In the new template, there is 2 javascript calls that need to be modified:


onClick="return checkRequiredFields('credit_card');"

Just replace 'credit_card' with an appropriate name for your form. We've changed ours to account. To add the new payment type, edit the shipping template and locate the pay_type or processor select options and add  <OPTION VALUE="account.html">Store Account</OPTION>

Additional Form Validation

Using our example above, if we need to add additional required field to an additional form, add the following the orderform.js::

if(type == "account"){
requiredFields[len + 1] = "Account_Name";
requiredFields[len + 2] = "Account_Number";

To add additional validation to existing forms, insert additional lines inside the section for the order form needed, increasing len + [value] by one for each additional line. For example, to add required fields to the credit_card form, edit the orderform.js and locate

if(type == "credit_card"){
requiredFields[len + 1] = "Card_Number";
requiredFields[len + 2] = "Name_On_Card";
requiredFields[len + 3] = "Expire_Date";
changing to:
if(type == "credit_card"){
requiredFields[len + 1] = "Card_Number";
requiredFields[len + 2] = "Name_On_Card";
requiredFields[len + 3] = "Expire_Date";
requiredFields[len + 4] = "Issuing_Bank";
requiredFields[len + 5] = "CVV2";

NOTE: If you remove fields from one of the order forms, you will also have to edit the javascript and remove them from the required fields or it will cause a javascript error on the page.

Receipt Page

The receipt page, receipt.html, is displayed after the order form has been filled out and the order has been submitted.  If email is turned on, the email will be sent by the time this page is done loading.

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