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Database Pages

If you are using a database store type, then you may want to select a display format other than the default.

Search Page

The search.html page is used to search for products in your database.  The user can select products by category or by entering keywords.  QuikStore displays the products found in three formats, in a list, in columns, or by product details.  

Depending on which format you would like to use, you can select the page names and settings in the Catalog Wizard Program Options screen.

Database Templates

There are 3 default database templates that come with Quikstore:

  1. database_list_page.html
  2. database_multi_column.html
  3. database_product_page.html

All of these template pages are located in the C:\QuikStore\server_files\cgi-bin\templates folder.

1. Database List Page

The database_list_page.html page allows you to show a simple list of products in a table format. The user sees a list of products and can then click on a link to see the detail of a specific product in the list. In the default list page, the link is the  product ID number.  

2. Database Multi-Column Page

The database_multi_column.html page allows you to show a list of the product images in multiple columns and rows, and then have the user click on the image or a link below the image to view the detail of a specific product.  

3. Database Product Detail Page

The database_product_page.html page allows you to display the details about the selected product.

You may use this page as the main database page. However, you need to reset the following entries in the Catalog Wizard Program Options screen.


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