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Quikstore Templates Overview

Quikstore uses HTML "Templates" that you can modify to change the way your store looks and also how it functions. With the exception of the search.html template, which is located in the C:\Quikstore\server_files directory, all of the Quikstore templates files are located in the C:\QuikStore\server_files\cgi-bin\templates directory on your PC.

Here is a list of the templates and a brief description of what they are used for:

Template Name Description
search.html This is the page where the user can select a category or enter keywords to locate products for a database driven store.
redirect.html This page is used to redirect the user back to a product page after clicking the add to cart button.
header.html, footer.html These pages are NOT full html pages. These files are inserted only into cart pages in order to provide an easier way to maintain a consistent look and feel.
Using Header and Footer templates
cart_cookie.html This file is NOT a full html page. There are no opening and closing HTML tags used in this page. 

This page ONLY contains Javascript necessary to access and test cookies. The error message displayed to users with cookies turned off is contained within this file. 

error_messages.html This page is used to display error messages to the user.
database_list_page.html One of the three database templates. Used to display products in a table style list.
database_multi_column.html This database template is used to display products using multiple columns. The number of columns and rows are defined in the Catalog Wizard Program Options.
database_product_page.html This database template is used to display "details" about a specific product. 

This page is displayed when a user clicks on a link from either the database_list_page.html or the databae_multi_column.html page.

This page may also be used as the main database display template. See the Catalog Wizard Program Options for more details.

view_cart_page.html This is the page that displays the current contents of the users cart.
shipping.html This page is where the user selects the type of shipping method they would like to use and also enter their state abbreviation if they live in the US. The state abbreviation entered here is used to calculate sales taxes for that given state.

If you've updated from an earlier version, a shipping_new.html page is located in the templates folder which contains a dropdown list of states rather than an user input box.

Should you chose to provide a "Coupon" type discount, this page is also used to enter the number or coupon code.

This page also has a "Pay Type" select box on it that defines the name of the next page (order form) to be displayed. You can have as many different types of order forms that you would like. Just add it to the list of option values in the pay_type form field and then copy and modify one of the order forms below. Just make sure to name it what you entered in the pay_type option field.

check.html, credit_card.html These are the order forms where the user enters their personal information including payment information.

A Java Script is used on these pages to check for things like required fields, valid credit card numbers, etc. 

receipt_page.html This is the final receipt page that is displayed to the user.
customer_email.html, customer_email.txt

These are the email template pages that get sent to the customer. You can choose whether or not to send HTML or txt style email in the main configuration file.

store_email.html, store_email.txt These are the store owner email templates. Both of these use a text format since the data in these files will be encrypted.

NOTE: The Encryption tool will not read these files properly if they have HTML code in the body of the message.

fulfillment_email.html, fulfillment_email.txt

These email template pages are additional store emails which are sent unencrypted with the complete contents of the customer order with the exception of payment information. You can choose whether or not to send HTML or txt style email in the main configuration file.

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