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Last Update: 04/02/03

Email Problems

There are several reasons that the email does not go out. Here's some things to check...

The store email address does not match the domain name:

You cannot have when the domain name is The email server will most likely reject the "from" address because it would not be a valid user on the server. Set the email address to something like:,

Then test an order to see if the email goes through. In this example, the email will be "from" and that matches the server.

Mime Email:

Some servers will not process the html email for some reason. You might want to go into the qs_main and try turning that off. Just look for use_mime=yes and set it to no. Then test an order to see if the email goes through. If it does, you will have to switch the customer email template over to customer_email.txt.

Additional Email Programs for NT/2000 servers:

If you are on an NT server, there are several settings you can try under the [EMAIL_PARAMETERS] section in the qs_main.

Try each of these one at a time:

  1. use_alternate_nt_mail_connection=no
  2. send_cdonts_email=no
  3. send_aspmail_email=no

If none of these work, and if your NT/2000 server has BLAT as the mail program, you can also try that. However, you may need to modify the to match your servers variables.

Also, on NT/2000 servers, you MUST set the:

It should be something like or are common mail server names. Of course you would use your domain name, not You can check with your ISP if you are unsure.


If none of these work, you can go into the file and turn on the debug. Change this line from:

$debug = 0;


$debug = 1;

That will print messages at the bottom of the receipt page from the server so you can see if there are any error messages. They will also help sort this out...





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