Help Version: 2.12
Last Update: 07/10/2001

Updating from the Web

Updgrading your QuikStore files is automated now. All you have to do is open the Main Menu and click the "Check For Updates" button.

The program will then open a window asking you which program to check for updates and your current version of Quikstore should show in the window. Just click on this and then click OK. This will contact our server and download the necessary files to update your system to the current version.

Once it downloads the files, it will display a window telling you what it's going to update. Click "OK" to continue. The program will then install the required updates into your c:\quikstore files (or wherever you installed it). As it updates the files, it will also create a backup of any files that have been changed. This will be in the c:\quikstore\backup directory under a dated directory name. Each time you update, it will create a new "date" directory and backup any changed files in these directories so there is no way for you to lose any modifications you may have made.

Note: We never update any of the template files. If there is a template update, we will give you written instructions on how to do it rather than do it automatically so it does not effect your modified template files.

That's all you need to do. There is no longer a manual download of any updates.


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