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Last Update: 03/13/01

Web-Server Hosting Requirements

You must have access to a server that is connected to the Internet on a 24 hour basis. Most businesses utilize a portion of a server provided by their Internet Service Provider or ISP. Larger businesses may have their own server.

Your hosting service:

  1. Must have Perl 5.0 or higher installed on their server.
  2. Must allow Perl 5.0 CGI Scripts to be run in your domain.
  3. Must have an executable Directory such as cgi-bin
    (See below for more detail)
  4. Should offer SSL (Secure Server) which allows Perl 5.0 CGI Scripts to be run.
  5. Must allow write permissions for temporary directories and files.
    (Log Files, Orders, User Carts, etc..)

The following information should be provided by your ISP:

  • Your E-mail account address (ie: "")
  • Your User ID and Password for your ISP account
  • Your "Host Name/ Address" or "URL" 
  • The type of server operating system; Unix or Windows NT

Physical Directory Path Information Required

  • The Directory Path to Perl 5
  • The Directory Path to your "Document Root Directory".
    (Here are some examples)
  1. /home/mysite
  2. /home/www/mysite
  3. /www/mysite
  4. /home/www/mysite/htdocs
  5. /home/www/mysite/public_html
  • The Directory Path to your cgi-bin Directory.   (Typical examples are like the document root above but the directory name is cgi-bin, cgi-local, or just cgi)  Ex: /home/www/mysite/cgi-bin


  • The URL to your cgi-bin Directory.   (Examples include)
  • The URL through your Secure Server to your cgi-bin Directory. Examples include:
  • Mail Server IP Address (NT Servers)

If your hosting service cannot meet the above requirements, you may want to check out our hosting partner at  This server offers everything required to run the QuikStore system at a reasonable price.

If all of the above requirements have been met, and you are having trouble executing the program, please see the trouble-shooting section.

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