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Last Update: 04/03/03

Product Support

Product Support is provided for 30 days from the date of purchase. No exceptions! If more support is required, see the extended support information below.

Every effort has been made to simplify this product and its' installation, while maintaining all of the versatility and flexibility that makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications.   However, sometimes problems arise for which you will need to contact us.

As mentioned in the System Requirements sections, a portion of the QuikStore software must reside on your ISP's server and a portion will reside on your personal computer. The portion on your ISP's server will utilize UNIX or Windows NT file commands for processing QuikStore program information. We do not troubleshoot your ISP's server. This support is up to them.

Standard Support:

Before contacting i-Soft please make sure to thoroughly review the contents of this help file, especially the Trouble-Shooting section, as it contains answers to most of the common problems people have with QuikStore. If you ask a question that is covered in this text you will only be pointed back to it.  If you are certain that the answer to your question is not contained herein, you are welcome to browse the Quikstore User Message Board.


Users who ask questions that have already been answered by the documentation or by postings on the message board will only be directed back to those source documents.

This is your user message board! Helping each other with questions can not only be rewarding but also invaluable to our users. Please help each other out when you can.

In addition to our other customers, this board is checked frequently by our staff to ensure that new questions are answered in a timely fashion.

E-Mail Support

You may, however, occasionally run across problems which are not covered in this help file or on the User message board.  If you have already posted a message to the User Message board, and have not had an answer, and you are sure the answer to your question is not contained in this help system, you are welcome to send us an e-mail. 

Support email will be answered during normal business days. Email sent during weekend days will be returned on the following business day.

Phone Support

If you absolutely need to speak to someone at i-Soft, we can be reached at:

  • By phone: (843) 215-0660 
    (10am-6pm Monday through Friday only, EST)

Please use this option only as a last resort, though.  We have a limited number of people available to provide technical support, and they are not able to answer as many questions by phone as they are by using the other methods.

Extended Support:

Extended Support Plans are available on the Quikstore web site. 

Custom programming is also available on a limited basis. Custom Programming is charged at the current programming rates. There is a one hour minimum charge on all custom programming.

If the need for extended support for customizing, feature additions or large projects should arise, please contact us at for current rates.

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