Discover what over 3000 users already know -- QuikStore™ is one of the easiest, most flexible Shopping Cart programs available today! Our software offers you a simple and affordable way to achieve professional results with your internet store!

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  Has many of the features of high-priced Shopping Carts
  Does not have leasing requirements. You own it...
  Uses HTML templates for all cart pages
  Can easily be integrated into an existing web site
  Allows versatility in your web site design
  No Perl, PHP or ASP programming skills required!
  Installs itself to the server! Comes with a built-in Installation Wizard.
  And, perhaps most important, QuikStore™ is easy for your customers to use, too!


May 2005 - QuikStore integrates with Intershipper™

iSoft-Solutions, inc. is pleased to announce that we have integrated QuikStore with InterShipper™, the leader in real time shipping solutions.

InterShipper™ allows you to get shipping rates from all the top carriers at the same time. This includes: Airborne, DHL, Fedex, USPS and others. You decide... This plug-in allows you to display all of them or only the ones you are interested in.

While we currently only support their rate engine, we plan to also integrate their label service in future editions of this plug-in.

90 Day Special!

For the next 90 days, InterShipper™ is offering new QuikStore customers the first month free and double the number of transactions per month. So, take advantage of this great offer now!

For more information or to sign-up with InterShipper™, click here...


May 2005 - QuickBooks Versions 2003-2005 XML Plug-in

05/03/2005 - QuickBooks plug-in updated using .NET technology for increased stablity.

The QuickBooks plug-in has been rewritten for the 2003-2005 versions of QuickBooks. And, we added several new features!

Both Invoices and Sales Receipts are now supported!

Not only does it import your QuikStore™ order data into QuickBooks™ versions 2003-2005, it now lets you build a QuikStore database from your Item List in QuickBooks. It also allows you to download and syncronize your inventory counts in an existing QuikStore database with your current counts in QuickBooks. When it's done, it reuploads the products.dat. The whole process takes just one minute to do...

NEW! You can now import your QuikStore database into your QuickBooks Item List. If you are just starting out with QuickBooks, you just setup your company and then import your existing QuikStore data into QuickBooks. It does not get an easier than that!

This new plug-in uses the XML format for QuickBooks so manual import of an IIF file is no longer needed. The Wizard downloads your XML order files and imports them directly. You can even run the Wizard in "Auto-Processing" mode, which runs in the background. It automatically logs into your server, at an interval you preset, and downloads the order files. If it finds any orders, it will alert you. You just run the Wizard and import the new orders.

The New QuickBooks Import Wizard also allows you to setup your discounts coupons in QuickBooks so they show up properly in your Invoices or Sales Receipts. And, you can now pass an Affiliate ID as a Sales Rep should you be using Affiliates on your site.

Finally, Canadian versions 2003-2005 are also supported for GST and PST.

  January 01/16/2004 - 2.12 Security Patches Added

We recently did a few new minor security patches in version 2.12.134 and recommend that our users run the Web Update to get these new functions added to your programs.

More Details...

July 2003 - Online Catalog Builder Gets Face Lift

The Online Catalog Builder has been completely rebuilt from scratch. After almost 5 years, we decided it was time to rebuild one of the more popular plug-ins. The new version of the OCB has easier navigation and is more intuitive for the end user. It's alot easier to find products and make product changes quickly. It's also alot faster than the old one.

More Details...

May 2003 - iSoft-Solutions, inc. partners with Ezic

iSoft-Solutions, inc. is pleased to welcome the Ezic Payment Gateway as a QuikStore™ preferred partner. Ezic offers the most innovative software solutions for the digital payment processing industry. This patnership enables us to provide our QuikStore™ customers with the best possible payment gateway solution on the Internet today. Sign-up now for the Ezic Payment Gateway and receive the plug-in FREE!

More Details...

April 2003 - Web site hosting for QuikStore™ customers

iSoft-Solutions, inc. now offers web site hosting for our customers. We recently purchased a brand new, "super fast" 2GZ unix server to be able to provide you with the best hosting solution for your QuikStore web sites. Setup is FREE for all QuikStore™ customers!
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