Add this script below to the <HEAD> of the page where you want to
add links. It reads either the name of the page in the "main" target
window OR if there is a query string from the quikstore.cgi, it will add
that to the view_cart string so it comes back to the right place.

You MUST change all of the <FORM> "METHOD" settings in your
templates to GET. POST won't work with this... Change these in all
template pages PRIOR to the checkout pages.

<!-- hide this script

function viewCart(){

     // Linking script for Quikstore Using Frames:

var linkURL = "cgi-bin/quikstore.cgi";
var scriptName = "quikstore.cgi";

	var mainLocation = unescape(parent.main.location);
	mainLocation = mainLocation.substring(1).split('/');

		// This is for when the quikstore.cgi URL
		// is the main window location:

	if(mainLocation[mainLocation.length - 1].substring(0,13) == scriptName){
		var qsQuery = unescape(parent.main.location.search.replace(/\+/g,' '));
		linkURL += qsQuery + "&view_cart=yes";

		// This is when the URL is just a page name:

          var randNum = Math.round(Math.random() * 919191919);
          linkURL += "?cache=" + randNum;
		linkURL += "&page=" + mainLocation[mainLocation.length - 1];
		linkURL += "&view_cart=yes&store_type=html";

	parent.main.location = linkURL;
	return false;

// -->

Here's a typical link to put on the page

<a href="#" onClick="return viewCart();">View Cart</a>