Minimum order charge Javascript:

This goes in the <HEAD> tags on the view_cart.html page:

<!-- hide this script

function validateSubtotal(){
var subTotal = document.forms[0].checkSubtotal.value;
var subTvalue = subTotal.substring(2,subTotal.length);

if(subTvalue < 20){
     alert("There is a minimum order charge of $20.00." + "\n\n" +
           "You must order at least $20.00 worth of products before you can Checkout!");
     return false;

return true;
// -->

Add "return validateSubtotal();" to the checkout FORM tag:

	<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="%%secure_script_url%%" onSubmit="return validateSubtotal();">

Put this inside the checkout <form>:

	<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="checkSubtotal" VALUE="SUBTOTAL">