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Using Quikstore on a MAC

The good news is that the server files for Quikstore run on both UNIX and NT/2000 web servers that have Perl 5 installed. The help is written in HTML format and can either be viewed online or downloaded to your system to be viewed locally. The bad news is that the Menu system and supporting programs are written for Windows.

There are some alternatives though...

  1. Use Dreamweaver to create/edit the web site. Click here for more details.

  2. You can edit and upload the files manually. All of the configuration parameters are stored in an "ini" style file and the templates are written in HTML so it's quite easy to modify and change the functionality and the look of the shopping cart.

  3. You can also use Virtual PC. We have a few folks who use that without any problems. They have been able to install and run ALL of the supporting programs with no trouble.

Store Types:

If you are building an HTML page type store, there are no additional things that are needed. You may want to review this help page: Creating the <form> code.

However, if you are considering a database store, you would want to look at the Online Catalog Builder since the Catalog Wizard only runs under Windows. As a last resort, you can also create a database by hand since it is just a simple text file database.

Editing and uploading the program and files is not that difficult to do if you are familiar with using FTP, setting permissions (UNIX), and HTML editing.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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