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Recent updates to the Quikstore program

QuikStore 2.12

Several new features have been added recently so that some of the functionality of 3.0 is already in version 2.12. And, recent updates to the Help files make it easier for you to apply some of these features to your website.

Click here to view a list of the recent updates to QuikStore version 2.12.

Company News

July 2003 - Online Catalog Builder gets rebuilt

The Online Catalog Builder has been completely rebuilt from scratch. After almost 5 years, we decided it was time to rebuild one of the more popular plug-ins. The new version of the OCB has easier navigation and is more intuitive for the end user. It's alot easier to add new products or make product changes quickly. It's also alot faster than the old one.

Products are now displayed as a list when you select a category from the search form at the top of the screen. You can choose to edit or delete the selected product from the list screen.

Multiple category selection has also been added. You can click on more than one category and have it populate the category field for you. No need to type in the categories, just select them.

We also added a CSV file upload to allow users to upload CSV files for the products.dat and options.dat files. The file upload for images and link pages has been incorporated into the product editing screen so you can add a new product, including the files to be uploaded, all at one time.

The options screen now shows a pull-down of all options so you can jump between product options from one place.

There's more but you should really just take a look at the demo here.

QuikStore 3.0 - April 2003

Work on QuikStore 3.0 continues...

We are trying to implement most all of the features you have requested. As most of you know, this new version is a complete rewrite of QuikStore in PHP so we can take advantage of the great features in PHP 4. This includes things like mySQL, ODBC and text databases. It also includes a greatly enhanced front-end (sign-up routines) and backend order processing and reporting functionality.

While we can't pinpoint a release date, we will try to keep this news section updated so you have an idea when we will be releasing a beta version for testing by some of our more experienced customers.

April 2003 - Web site hosting for QuikStore™ customers

iSoft-Solutions, inc. now offers web site hosting for our customers. We recently purchased a brand new, "super fast" 2GZ UNIX server to be able to provide you with the best hosting solution for your QuikStore web sites. Setup is FREE for all QuikStore™ customers!
More Details...

April 2003 - Updates to the help system

The QuikStore™ 2.12 Help System is currently being updated. This update will reflect many of the past modifications and recent additions in functionality to the program. New topics will also be added as needed. This should be out sometime this month and will be included in all Web Updates.

March 2003 - iSoft-Solutions, inc. partners with Ezic

iSoft-Solutions, inc. is pleased to welcome the Ezic Payment Gateway as a QuikStore™ preferred partner. Ezic offers the most innovative software solutions for the digital payment processing industry. This partnership enables us to provide our QuikStore™ customers with the best possible payment gateway solution on the Internet today. Sign-up now for the Ezic Payment Gateway and receive the plug-in FREE!

More Details...

March 2003 - New Quickbooks Plug-in

Created by iSoft-Solutions, inc., this is a new plug-in that allows you to import your QuikStore™ order data into QuickBooks™ versions 2000-2003. A 2003/2004 XML version is in the works and should be available soon.

January 2003 - QuikStore 3.0

We are currently working on a new version of QuikStore that is being completely rewritten in PHP. We choose PHP because of the speed, low server resources, and built-in functionality. This allows us to easily do things that were a little more complicated in Perl and many times required additional modules to be installed on the server.

Here's some good news for our MAC Users. This version will be totally administered online. No more PC based programs. A built-in Administration panel will be accessible from any standard web browser. (IE 6.0 or Netscape 6.0 or above)

We are also focusing on adding new features that make this version more of a marketing tool than a shopping cart. While you will be able to display items and add them to the cart, it will also have more customer related functions. Online Registration, with a customer address book, order history and bulk email are just a few examples.

It will also have more reporting functionality so you know what is going on with your store. Find out what's a hot selling item, who ordered in the last 30 days, and who didn't are just some examples.

Developers API!

Finally, for you PHP developers, we have something really exciting. Version 3.0 has a built-in API to allow you to register custom class modules. This API lets you extend/override the default functionality of the program.

Using our API, you now have unlimited access to all classes and functions in the shopping process. Need a custom backend, just write and register your class module and the program will use it when that function is called. We hope this new functionality will encourage third party developers to join us in providing the best shopping/marketing system on the planet...

Prospective Customers!

This new API also allows us to write custom modules to allow our customers to use product pages from other shopping carts. No need to convert the code on your pages! We will write a custom module that uses your current <form> variables and converts them on the fly. This will make switching cart system relatively painless...


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