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QuikStore Online Catalog Builder

Cart Excellence - QuikStore is the Right Choice

QuikStore Online Catalog Builder


Our Online Catalog Builder program allows you to add, edit and upload database product information from anywhere in the world, using your browser. This is an especially useful tool for those who will continually be making product changes to their product database. It's as easy as opening your browser and entering your user name and password.

Cart Excellence - QuikStore is the Right Choice

So how does Online Catalog Builder work?


Like QuikStore, the Online Catalog Builder program resides on your web server. The program edits the "products.dat" and "options.dat" database files directly. So, any changes you make are reflected on the web site immediately. It also allows you to upload product images and "more info" pages to your web site right from your PC.

Cart Excellence - QuikStore is the Right Choice

What versions of QuikStore will Online CB work with?


The Online Catalog Builder should work directly with any version of QuikStore 208xx through 2.12. For those of you with an earlier version, you should consider upgrading to the latest version of QuikStore and the latest version of the Online Catalog Builder. The latest version of the OCB has a built in login function to protect your database files.

If you need to upgrade, contact Support for download instructions.

Of course, you are always welcome to use our message board for installation questions relating to QuikStore or the Online Catalog Builder.


Example Screens from the QuikStore Online Catalog Builder


The "main menu" screen of the QuikStore Online Catalog Builder program guides you to select one of the primary functions; Add Products, Edit Product Info or Edit the Store Home page.

For example, this is the "Adding New Products" screen. Product information is entered directly into this page, as viewed through your browser.

Once you click the "Add Product" button, you are taken to the "Edit Product" page where your entered information is displayed and you are then able to add more details or upload images and "more info" html link pages through your browser.

If you have a large database, there are several ways to access products for editing. You can find products by first going to a category list or by the category name directly. Or you can display products by the first letter of the product name or by the product ID directly.

Each screen of the Online Catalog Builder program has a "Help" link in the top right hand corner. This pops up a new window with specific help details for the page in question. Below is an example for the "Select the Product" page of Online CB.

The best way to evaluate our new Online Catalog Builder program is to try it.

Order the Online Catalog Builder Plug-in:

Online Catalog Builder Plug-in $79.95 US


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