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About The QuikStore PayPal Plug-in!

Cart Excellence - QuikStore is the Right Choice

To use the Paypal plug-in on the page, you MUST be using Quikstore 2.11.06 or above. A 2.12 version is available here: PayPal for 2.12 and above

How it works!

Cart Excellence - QuikStore is the Right Choice

First, the user selects the PayPal "pay_type" on the shipping page. This tells Quikstore to open the paypal.html order form. As the form loads, the program substitutes variables into the JavaScript function called: function makePaypalReturnLink(). This function builds the post action to PayPal and also sets a temporary cookie with all of the form variables from the order form in it that are needed to process the order later.

If a cookie does not get set, it pops up a message telling the user that cookies must be enabled for them to use this PayPal feature.

Next, the user is taken to PayPal where they complete that part of the transaction. When they click the return URL to go to the "process_paypal.html" page on your site, a JavaScript function called processOrder() in this page reads the previously set PayPal cookie.

This function creates an HTML form based on the variables in the PayPal cookie, and then automatically submits this form to process the order. The user is then redirected to the Quikstore receipt page as they would be normally.

If for some reason it cannot read the cookie, it simply displays a Thank you message. You can edit this message in the process_paypal.html page.

NOTE: This cookie is only valid during the time the user has the browser open. Once they close the browser, the PayPal cookie is gone. However, the user information cookie remains.

Setting it up!

  1. Put the process_paypal.html in your document root
  2. Put the paypal.html page in the "templates" directory
  3. Edit the pull-down box on the shipping.html page:

    <select name="pay_type">
      <option value="credit_card.html">Credit Card</option>
      <option value="check.html">Online Check</option>
      <option value="paypal.html">Paypal</option>

  4. Settings in the paypal.html page:

    Most all of the settings in the paypal.html page work automatically. However, there is one or two settings at the bottom of the page that may need to be changed:

    <input type='hidden' name='return'

    NOTE: If you are using a secure server, you need to remove the WEB_SITE_URL and replace this with the secure server URL that points to the process_paypal.html page. If you don't do this, the system will not be able to read the cookie that was previously set and it will not complete the order when they return from PayPal.

    This uses the store_email_address as set in the qs_main. So, if it's different, you need to hard-code it in the VALUE.

    <INPUT TYPE='hidden' NAME='business' VALUE='STORE_EMAIL'>

  5. We strongly suggest adding instructions to the paypal.html page telling the user to make sure to click the return link to the site or that their order will not be processed. The wording for this is up to you. If they do not return from PayPal, the order will not go through the final steps in the Quikstore script. Unfortunately, PayPal does not offer a return post like most other processors so this cannot be done automatically.

Order the Paypal Plug-in!

PayPal Plug-in $49.95 US


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