QuickBooks Import Wizard

Help Version: 2.12
Last Update: 08/04/2004


Importing Products from QuikStore to QuickBooks

This version of the QuickBooks Import Wizard also allows you to import your QuikStore products.dat database into the QuickBooks Items list. Please keep in mind that this data is somewhat limited to what we have available in the products.dat. The Name, Description, and Price will be imported into QuickBooks. However, this does save a tremendous amount of time since all of your product names, prices and descriptions will not have to be retyped. The categories are not imported because QuickBooks does not support categories.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All items are imported as "Taxable" "Inventory Items" and the Purchase Cost is set to the price that's in the price field in the products.dat. You will need to make sure to go through each imported item and verify the accounts, cost and other fields related to each item after the import is done.

To import your QuikStore data, select Import Products.dat from the main menu as shown below.

QuickBooks Main Menu Screen





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