QuickBooks Import Wizard

Help Version: 2.12
Last Update: 08/04/2004



This plug-in is designed to allow you to automatically import QuikStore order data directly into QuickBooks 2003 or 2004. Once imported, all customer data and an Invoice or Sales Receipt record will be created. This virtually eliminates retyping the information for the order. However, some further input inside QuickBooks may be necessary to complete the transaction.

How it works

1. When a customer places an order on your web site, an "xml" file is created in the orders directory with all of the order details of the transaction. These details include:

  • customer billing information
  • customer shipping information
  • the items ordered
  • the shipping method
  • the sales tax total
  • the discount total if applicable)
  • the Sales Rep (affiliate_id) if available
  • payment details (see note below)

Note: If you are not using an online processor, and the credit card information is saved in the order xml files, we strongly suggest turning on the QuikStore encryption. The QuickBooks Import Wizard will decrypt the file automatically before importing it. See the setup instructions for details on how to turn on the decryption function inside the wizard.

2. Once you have installed the QuickBooks Import Wizard on your PC and configured it, you can then run the program to download these xml order files by clicking on the "Start" button as shown below. The program will download the files and put them into the "unprocessed" list. You can then either batch import them or select a specific file to import from the list of unprocessed files by selecting that option from the menu.

Import Menu

3. After an order has been imported, that order will automatically show up in the Invoice screen or the Sales Receipts screen inside QuickBooks as shown below. If the customer does not exist in QuickBooks, all of their data will be added as well. If they do exist, it does not update their current information. However, it will use the order information in the Invoice or Sales Receipt for the billing and shipping info.


Example Invoice

NOTE: Credit card data is NOT put into the customers record during import. There is no way for us to access this part of their record so it is stored in the memo field as shown above. Again, if you are not using an online processor, you should be encrypting these xml order files on the server. See the Plug-in Setup section for details.




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