QuickBooks Import Wizard

Help Version: 2.12
Last Update: 08/04/2004


Exporting Products to QuikStore

This version of the QuickBooks Import Wizard also allows you to export QuickBooks data back to Quikstore. Please keep in mind that this data is somewhat limited to what QuickBooks allows. Unfortunitly, only the Name, Description, Price, and Quantity on hand can be exported to QuikStore. However, this does save a tremendous amount of time for building a Quikstore database since all of your product names and descriptions will not have to be retyped.

To export your item data, you first need to be sure to define which item "types" you want to export. These are defined in the Configuration menu shown below.

QuickBooks Configuration Screen

All you need to do is click on the "quickbooks_item_types" as shown above and enter a comma delimited list of item types you want added to the products.dat when the create database function is run. You can have one or more of the item types listed below.

Available item types are:

  • ItemInventory
  • ItemNonInventory
  • ItemService

Note: Be careful. These entries are case sensitive and should not have any spaces between the entries.

You can also set the Item Status types.

Available status types are:

  • ActiveOnly
  • All

If "All" is entered, it will export ALL item types from the database, include sales tax items, discount items, etc.

Finally, you can also set the "quantity_available_field_number" setting to match the setting in your QuikStore qs_main.cgi file. If you are using the inventory control module on your server and if this value is set, the program will add the "Quantity On Hand" value from QuickBooks to the products.dat database when it's exported. This way you can keep your inventory counts up-to-date should they be changed manually in QuickBooks.

Running the Export

To run the export function, simply select "Create QuikStore Database" from the "File" menu on the Main Screen. This will query QuickBooks to get the required data and create (and overwrite it if it already exists) a products.dat file which is stored in the application path (the same location where this program was installed).

Export Function

Uploading the products.dat

Once the products.dat is created, you will be given the option to upload it to your web server. Again, be careful. It will overwrite the file on the server so, if you've modified it, all of those changes will be overwritten. You also have the option of Syncronizing the inventory counts in your products.dat on the server. See Inventory Counts for more details on that.




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