QuickBooks Import Wizard

Help Version: 2.12
Last Update: 08/04/2004


Syncronizing Inventory Counts

This version of the QuickBooks Import Wizard also allows you to syncronize the inventory counts from your QuickBooks data with an existing products.dat database file on the web server. This way you can create the initital products.dat by exporting it from QuickBooks, and then modify it using the Online Catalog Builder on your web server.

Once you've added images and possibly options to the products.dat on the web server, you would not want to overwrite the file again. So, this function allows you to download the file and update the inventory counts without changing any of the other fields in the database. It then reuploads the file back to the web server with the new counts.

To run this function, select "Syncronize Inventory" from the File menu on the main screen.

Syncronize Function




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