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QuikStore Reseller Information!

Once you purchase the first copy of QuikStore at the retail price, you can automatically become a reseller. Standard resellers can purchase the Quikstore program and plug-ins at 30% off the retail price.

NOTE: Custom programming, installation services, extended support plans, and program upgrades are not discountable items.

Reseller Support Requirements!

Important: ALL Resellers are responsible to be the first line of support for the customers they are reselling to!

That means that the customer comes to you first BEFORE contacting us! That's part of receiving the discount on the product. If you are reselling it, you need to know how it works! If you do get stuck, we would be happy to answer any questions you are unable to answer for them. But they MUST direct all questions through you!

Reseller Licensing

QuikStore requires a per domain license. A license is provided to the end user of the software for their own personal or company registered web site. The web site domain name must be registered in the end users name or the end users company name. Ultimately, the license goes with the domain it's being used on. If you would like to transfer a license to another domain, please contact us with the domain change details.

Resellers may purchase a software license to be used for creating web sites for their customers. However, iSoft-Solutions, inc. requires the reseller to supply the customers name and web site URL address for verification of legal use as per the software license agreement. We will not contact your customer directly at any time unless you direct us to do so, and for support purposes only.

Signing up as a reseller!

Each reseller MUST have a reseller number to get the discounted pricing. Please contact us to receive your reseller number.

ISP Information!

The pricing structure for ISP's depends on volume of sales.

ISP's can, and do, get beyond the 25 unit first level discount limit pretty quickly. Because there are usually special circumstances involved for an ISP, we would prefer to speak with you directly about your particular needs. This way we can setup a program that works for both you and us. Please contact us directly.



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"It's nice to know that there are still companies like yours that stand behind their products 100%. Please feel free to use me as a reference. I usually don't make that offer, but in this case you deserve it!"
-- JP
"I've never seen such dedication by any company to insure we have their product up and running problem free!!! I've had nothing but excellent results with both the software and the staff at Quikstore!!"
-- Chris

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