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Everything you Need to Build
your own Professional Web Store

Easy to Install
e-Commerce System
with Card Payment
and Shipping Plugins,
Inventory, Invoicing,
QuickBooks export
and Order Tracking


Technical Support:
When you purchase any product from, it comes with 30 days free technical support via our ticket helpdesk, as well as free unlimited program updates for a period of 12 months from your date of purchase. Thereafter you can purchase support services on an incident by incident basis or take out one of our paid service plans. Click HERE for more information or to obtain support beyond your warranty cover period.

Support for Web Hosting Customers:
If you host your QuikStore™ web site or shopping cart on one of our servers, your monthly subscription covers 24 x 7 email support for any software bug or hardware failure. All custom programming solutions are chargeable, in advance of any work being carried out, at a fixed rate of $100 per hour. To obtain a quotation for custom programming work, email our support desk by clicking HERE.

To sign up for your QuikStore™ Hosting now, please click HERE

If you need help installing QuikStore™ 3.0 on your web server, full instructions for downloading your QuikStore™ v3.0 software and installing it are included HERE

If you have any questions about hosting your site, please email our support desk by clicking HERE

Upgrading Previous versions of Quikstore for ONLY $149:
If you own v2.12 QuikStore™ and would like to upgrade to v3.0, take advantage of our Upgrade Offer at just $199. But hurry ... this offer is only for a limited time. QuikStore™ v3.0 contains a special import program which allows 2.12 users to import their existing product and options databases. For HTML stores with v2.12, these will continue to work with only a single line change to the html code. If you run a customized version of QuikStore™ 2.12, you should email our Support Desk to ascertain whether your custom features are supported by v3.0. Many are - but email us just to be sure.

QuikStore™ v3.0 is written in PHP and stores its product and order data in MySQL databases, which are much faster and more secure than the flat-file database tables used in v2.12.

To purchase your Quikstore v3.0 Upgrade, click HERE

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