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QuikStore Extended Support Options!

We offer three extended support options. These are intended to allow present QuikStore owners the option of extending the full telephone and email support which is provided only during the first 30 days after purchasing the QuikStore program.

NOTE: Support is provided ONLY during normal working business days and hours. This includes Monday-Friday 10am-6pm EST.

Sequence of Support:

It is important to note the order in which support issues are handled:

  1. Store owners with "Open" sites which are down during the 30 day support period, get first priority on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. General support questions by present QuikStore owners are handled next. This type of support is on a first come first serve basis. Thus, you are on the list for assistance. The time to completion will then vary depending on workload.
  3. Customizing inquires and questions by present QuikStore owners come next. Please keep in mind, that this may require the purchase of custom programming time for work to be completed. For large projects, the purchase of custom programming time may be required for us to provide you with a firm quote for the completed job, (1) hour minimum.
  4. Sales questions and general inquiries.
QuikStore Extended Support Plans:

There are 3 extended support plans available:

Each of these plans includes one additional month of product support. This allows the QuikStore owner to have full phone and email access for an additional month, starting on the date of purchase of this support plan.

  1. Silver Support:

    Silver Product Support gives the store owner the option of continuing the standard Quikstore support for 30 days. The support sequence as described above applies. In other words, you are placed on the general new user support list for work to be completed.

  2. Gold Support:

    Gold Product Support gives the store owner the option of bumping his support issue to the same level as that of an "existing site" or "Open" site being down as described above in the support sequence. In other words, you are placed on the Gold support list for work to be completed.

  3. Platinum Support:

    Platinum Product Support grants the store owner top priority over all other pending support issues regarding the QuikStore programs. In other words, you are placed on the Platinum support list for work to be completed, if there is more than one Platinum member with outstanding issues.

What's Covered under these Extended Support Plans:

The same topics as described on the Product Support page apply to our extended support options. Support plans do not include custom programming or in any way change the priority level for custom programming.

Remember, the best way to safeguard against needing extended support is to backup your working QuikStore website. Servers do crash and files do become corrupted from time to time. These events are not the fault of the QuikStore program and thus require the purchase of extended support if our services are needed to correct these situations.

Ordering QuikStore Support Options:

To order extended support, select a checkbox below and then click on the "Order Extended Support" button.

One Month of Silver Support. $50.00

One Month of Gold Support. $75.00

One Month of Platinum Support. $100.00

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