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Add a Powerful Shopping Cart
to your Web Site
ONLY $299

Easy to Install
e-Commerce System
with Card Payment
and Shipping Plugins,
Inventory, Invoicing,
QuickBooks export
and Order Tracking
Upgrade to Quikstore v3.0 from v2.12 or earlier
ONLY $199!
Full Pro Edition
Your upgrade will be emailed to you, as soon as your order eligibility has been validated.
You may be required to provide "proof of purchase" if we can't find your original purchase record in our database.

Quikstore v3.0 - main features
Uses php and MySQL for industry compatibility, speed and security.
Supported server OS: Windows IIS-5 or 6/Apache, Unix/Linux, MAC OS-10. Requires PHP 4.3x or 5.x.
Source code is included and is fully user-editable.
Easy to install - Works on virtually all web server platforms.
Comes FREE with the most popular card payment gateways.
Built-in inventory control, USPS/UPS shipping calcs and selection of store templates.
v3.0 Upgrade includes v2.12 product database import utility.
Upgrade includes free tech support thru our Priority Helpdesk.

More Info:
Full Quikstore v3.0 Specification
How to Install Quikstore 3.0

Quikstore v3.0 Upgrade - $199.00


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