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Quikstore v3

Powerful PHP / MySQL shopping cart software with free Payment Gateways and Shipping Plugins

Buy Quikstore 3.0 shopping cart program now online and download the software now.

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During our
 The easy way to add a shopping cart to your website 

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What is Quikstore ?
Quikstore v3.0 is the complete PHP MySQL shopping cart program solution for your website. You can bolt it on to any existing site or create a new e-commerce website from scratch - in minutes. It includes shopping cart, secure payment plugins and online order management and reporting. You can also now use the free Open Source fckEditor with Quikstore v3.0 to create your entire website content.
An example Quikstore 3.0 StoreView an Example Quikstore 3.0 Site         Visit the demo store

Quikstore shopping cart software, the smart way to build a online store. Quikstore comes complete with many popular payment gateways including Viaklix, AuthorizeNet, PayPal, Protx, Google Checkout and NetBilling.

How do I buy it and how much does it cost ?
Quikstore v3.0 shopping cart program costs $199. This is a one-off purchase cost which includes all our popular credit card payment gateways (including PayPal) and shipping calculation plugins for UPS and USPS, plus free Quikstore upgrades and ticket desk support for 12 months. We also offer an Installation service by one of our experienced software team, should you require it.
Buy Quikstore v3.0 and download now

Easy to install:
To install and configure the Quikstore 3.0 shopping cart software takes only a few minutes and requires absolutely no programming skills or special programs - just a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

What do I do then?
Everything in Quikstore is controlled via the easy-to-use Store Admin Control Panel. You use this to add product content to your online store catalog, change prices, upload and amend product images and to administer orders and customer records.

Quikstore is one of the longest-established shopping cart systems. We have more than ten years experience of helping companies all over the world with our shopping cart software. Start a successful online business today using Quikstore's PHP MySQL shopping cart program.

Are there any limits to the size and type of store
I can build with Quikstore v3.0 ?
No, you can use Quikstore v3.0 to build a store selling  just 1 product or many thousands of products, with extremely complex order and shipping options. Quikstore is amazingly adaptable. Your store pages can also be existing static html designs with Add-to-Cart buttons or dynamically generated lists of products which have been created or imported into your Quikstore product database. If you already have static html catalog pages being used with another shopping cart program, you can use these with Quikstore with only minor modifications. No need to redesign your whole site.

Do I have to be a programmer to use Quikstore 3.0?
Absolutely not! There's no complicated programming or setup needed. But if you do need help, you will find all the information you require in our online Knowledge Base. To create your Quikstore e-commerce site, you can easily adapt any existing web page as your store template or use any commercial web template or one of the free templates supplied with Quikstore.

Is Quikstore Search Engine friendly ?
Yes, very! You can fine tune Meta data and content for every static html and dynamic page on your Quikstore e-commerce site and product catalog and there is also a built-in Google sitemap tool.

What other features does Quikstore have ?
Here are just a few of its more powerful features:-

►Product and option-based inventory control, with available qty display.
►Unlimited global order options for things like color, size, weight, etc.
►Built-in WYSIWYG editor for product descriptions and free format pages.
►Nested categories and ability to list a product under multiple categories.
►Sales and Offer pricing, quantity pricing and gift and discount coupons.
►US and Canada state and county sales tax handling and European VAT / Sales Tax.
►Multi-column, list, detail and category-based or user-defined product display formats. 
►Auto upload of product images and resizing of thumbnails.
►Full support for downloadable products such as software, e-books, images or music files.
►Manual order processing and invoice generation for online and phone sales.
►Email order confirmations and invoices.
►One-click re-order function for returning customers via a My Account interface.
►Secure site passwording and customer account registration.
►Shipping quotes in real time using UPS/USPS plugins.
►Configurable sub-total, quantity and category-based discounting.
►Custom shipping tables.
►Manufacturers table.
►Related and favorite products.
►Buy Button code generation wizard for html product pages.
►Import routines for product and customer data.

Quikstore v2.12 is still available. See the v2.12 site links for more information. Upgrading to v3.0 Quikstore is really easy. You can import your Quikstore v2.12 database in seconds, using the built-in wizard. The upgrade to v3.0 Quikstore is still only $149.

And there's more . . . Click here for the full spec.

Are you an existing user of Quikstore v2.12 perl-based shopping cart software ? - Then go HERE
v2.12 Quikstore Customers Please Note:
From 1st January, 2008 we no longer offer free support for Quikstore v2.12 modules and strongly advise existingv 2.12 users to upgrade to the latest Quikstore v3.0 shopping cart. The cost of the Upgrade from v2.12 is currently only $149 during our 2010 Spring Promotion. Currently we offer a per-incident support service via our helpdesk for Quikstore v2.12 users who do not have current support contracts.
Find Quikstore v2.12 shopping cart software products and help HERE.

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" You have a fantastic product, I really mean it, I have used nearly all the e-commerce software on the market and even written my own, Quikstore stands out! "

Daniel Brown - Web Developer
Sound Marketing

" Thank you and Quikstore for the help I received getting my site back up and running again. I cannot believe how much easy v3.0 QS is to use; and you made it simpler by helping me through the early steps so I didn't have to spend so much time studying. Your fees for doing this were very reasonable. Now I can read and learn as I go to put the finishing touches to it. Very Greatfully Yours. "

Jim Richards
J&K Variety

" Thanks for your patience and answering my endless Helpdesk tickets. I'm really pleased with all the custom mods on my site. You've been fantastic! "