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Everything you Need to Build
your own Professional Web Store

Easy to Install
e-Commerce System
with Card Payment
and Shipping Plugins,
Inventory, Invoicing,
QuickBooks export
and Order Tracking


shopping cart

Quikstore v3.0 is the easiest and fastest
way to build a really professional web store!

More than 5000 web stores worldwide use Quikstore and here's why . . .

It's really easy to install . . .
You don't need any programming skills at all. Just following the on-screen installation instructions and in around 15 minutes your store's running online, ready to start trading !
If you don't feel up to installing it yourself, we'll install it free for you!! More about our hosting service.

It's affordable yet very, very powerful . . .
You won't find a better value shopping cart product. At $299, Quikstore 3.0 is incredible value with masses of features you would only expect to find in products costing $1000 +
To upgrade from a previous version of Quikstore costs just $199. Click here to upgrade.

We've 10 years experience of developing e-commerce software . . .
Quikstore is thoroughly tried and tested. Our first installation was in 1998 and we've been helping businesses achieve online success ever since.

Quikstore 3.0 is really versatile - build any type of store . . .
You can bolt it on to an existing website, to provide secure shopping facilities, or develop your whole site around Quikstore, from a simple html design to a 20,000 product database store!

Realtime product amendments and order management . . .
You control your store from any internet browser. Just login with your password and upload products and photos, collect orders, print invoices, run reports or change the store's design - from anywhere with an internet connection.

Powerful shipping and payment features . . .
Quikstore's advanced store features include: Nested product categories, product order options, related products, auto shipping calculations with UPS, USPS plugins, discounts, inventory, customer order tracking and history and the most popular payment gateways are all included free . . .

and much more . . . Click here for the full spec. Still want to use v2.12 ? - Then go HERE
Until Nov 30, 2007, we are continuing to sell and support v2.12 modules but suggest existing users consider upgrading to the latest v3.0 product. Find Quikstore v2.12 products and help HERE. 

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