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QuikStore Order Import Wizard

Cart Excellence - QuikStore is the Right Choice

Introducing the QuikStore Import Wizard


The QuikStore Import Wizard offers a user-friendly interface for gathering customer transaction information. NO need to retype customer information into other applications for tracking sales or your customers' personal data. By using the Import Wizard, you can import customer order information directly from your QuikStore site generated order emails. The Import Wizard also supports multiple transactions for a given customer. This means keeping track of sales-by-customer is easy. Thus, the Import Wizard becomes a very convenient way to store and review customer and sales data.

Cart Excellence - QuikStore is the Right Choice

Importing your Data


The Import Wizard also allows you to import either plain order emails or encrypted order emails. Our QuikStore Decryption tool is built in. The Import Wizard utilizes an Access 97 database engine, and many standard reporting features are built in.

Cart Excellence - QuikStore is the Right Choice

Reporting Functions


These are the built-in reporting functions included in the QuikStore Import Wizard program:

  • A "Customer Purchases" report based on the customer's last name
  • A "Customer List" with billing information displayed
  • An "Email List" containing all your customers' names and email addresses
  • A "Top Purchases" report which displays items by quantity sold
  • A "Sales Report" reported by user-selectable date ranges
  • A "Receipt" for any given transaction

Example Screens from the QuikStore Import Wizard


The "main" screen of the QuikStore Import Wizard allows you to select from the imported customers listed on the left. Each customer's records can be accessed directly from this list by clicking their name, then clicking the tab for Billing, Mailing, Transactions or Purchases.

This screen shows the "Transactions" tab selected. If a customer has made more than one purchase from your QuikStore managed web site, each transaction will be displayed with a separate ID.

The customer list can be arranged alphabetically as shown below, or in the order they were imported into the Import Wizard.

Clicking the Mailing, Transactions and Purchases tabs brings up the customer's information in a "spreadsheet" view.

The QuikStore Import Wizard has our standard decryption tool built in. So you can decrypt an encrypted QuikStore order email and import it into our Import Wizard in the same window.

The QuikStore Import Wizard includes six reporting functions.

Here is the "Customer Purchase Report" window which displays the customer's purchases from your QuikStore managed web site.

All reports can be printed or saved as a Text or an HTML file, directly from the Import Wizard.

By selecting the "Tables" option from the main Import Wizard task bar, you can view, edit and update the information in each of the Mailing, Transactions or Purchases database tables. This provides a convenient "text entry" format for maintaining customer information.

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