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QuikStore Inventory Control Module

Note: The Inventory Control Module will ONLY work with Quikstore versions 2.10.03 and above.

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Plug-in Overview


The inventory control plug-in is used for database driven stores ONLY, where items may have limited availability.

The inventory control plug-in ONLY updates line item quantities. It CANNOT update option quantities.

Example: If you are selling a t-shirt in several sizes, it will only update the count for that specific product ID. It cannot tell if the user bought a small or large t-shirt.

Identifying inventory items in the database

To begin, an available quantity (quantity on hand) is entered into one of the USER DEFINED fields in the database by the store owner. This number will be automatically adjusted by the program when the product is purchased.

Adding To The Cart

When a user tries to add a product to the cart, the quantity entered into the "available quantity" field is checked. If the quantity they are trying to purchase is below the available quantity, the item is added to the cart normally. If the quantity the user is trying to add to the cart is more than the available quantity, a message is displayed stating that the quantity is too high. It also directs the user to go back and lower the quantity.

Modifying The Cart

If the user tries to modify the quantity once the item is in the cart, and the quantity they are entering is too high, they receive a message that tells them that the quantity is too high and directing them to go back and correct it. QuikStore will not change the quantity until it is less than or equal to the available quantity.

Checkout/Inventory Update

At checkout, the inventory control system will go through the list of items purchased in the users cart and look for a matching inventory item.

NOTE: Not all items have to be inventory items. If a product's USER DEFINED inventory field is left blank, it will not be counted as an inventory item.

If the program finds an inventory item, one with a number in the selected USER DEFINED field, it will subtract the quantity purchased from the quantity available in the database.

Product Display

When the items from the database are displayed to the user, an "Available Quantity" is also displayed to let them know how many of each item are available for purchase.

Once the available quantity for a product equals zero, the store owner has the option to either display the item as "Sold Out", or not display it at all.

Order the Inventory Control Plug-in:

Inventory Control Plug-in $99.95 US


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