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About The QuikStore PayPal Plug-in!

Cart Excellence - QuikStore is the Right Choice

To use the Paypal plug-in on the page, you MUST be using Quikstore 2.12.00 or above. A 2.11 and below version is available here: PayPal for 2.11 and below

How it works!

Cart Excellence - QuikStore is the Right Choice
  1. When the customer select the credit card option on the shipping page, the PayPal order form is displayed.
  2. When the customer clicks the submit button a pre-authorization email is sent to the store email address. This can be turned off in the paypal.ini config file.
  3. The customer is then sent to PayPal where they enter the rest of the billing information that is needed to process their order.
  4. NOTE: The program also adds each line item from their cart to their PayPal cart. If either the shipping or sales tax values are greater than zero, those are also added as line items in their PayPal cart so the order totals come out correctly. These items must be passed as line items to be added to the PayPal totals.

    NOTE: If a discount is applied to the order, the individual items in their PayPal cart are discounted by the mathmatical percentage of the applied discount amount. This is the only way this can be done. PayPal does not offer a discount amount field.

  5. Once they have submitted their order at PayPal, the customer must click a link (as described on the PayPal order form) to finish processing their order. When the customer clicks the link the QuikStore receipt page is displayed and the order confirmation emails are sent to the customer and to the store owner.
  6. If the customer does not click the link to come back to your site, the QuikStore reciept page will not be displayed and the confirmation emails will not be sent by the quikstore program. Their cart will also not be cleared out unless they close their browser.
  7. This is why the pre-authorization email is sent. It lets you know that an order is going to PayPal and allows you to see what was ordered if the customer neglects to click the link that goes back to your site.

WARNING: If you decide to change the value that is displayed to the user on the shipping page to "PayPal", make sure that "credit_card.html" remains as the actual value or the script may not function properly.


  <SELECT NAME="pay_type">
    <OPTION VALUE="credit_card.html">PayPal</OPTION>

We strongly suggest adding instructions to the paypal.html page telling the user to make sure to click the return link to the site or that their order will not be processed. The wording for this is up to you. If they do not return from PayPal, the order will not go through the final steps in the Quikstore script. Unfortunately, PayPal does not offer a return post like most other processors so this cannot be done automatically.

Order the Paypal Plug-in!

PayPal Plug-in $49.95 US


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